Penn Jewish Life Abroad

Thinking about going abroad?

Maybe you’re nervous that it’s challenging to study or travel abroad as a Jew.

Maybe you haven’t yet thought about how you won’t be at home for the holidays.

We were in your shoes.

Already planning on studying or traveling abroad?

Whether you’re trying to get in on a free Passover seder in Buenos Aires, you’re in search of daily Kosher food in London, or you’re looking for a night out on the town with some local Italian NJBs, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve each spent time abroad as Jewish Penn students & travelers, and we’re here to answer your questions.

Below are a bunch of resources to help you connect with the global Jewish community. Or reach out to any of these Penn students who have experienced Judaism around the world.

Useful Resources

KAHAL: Your Jewish Home Abroad

KAHAL is an awesome organization that “facilitates transformational Jewish experiences for study abroad students.” They can help with everything from connecting you to a local Shabbat dinner at someone’s house to planning bar nights with other Jewish students to even getting grants.

They can help connect you with:

  1. Shabbat and holidays
  2. Jewish heritage tours
  3. Connections to local students and social events
  4. Jewish learning opportunities
  5. Kosher/Jewish restaurants and stores
  6. Volunteer opportunities
  7. Grant opportunities
  8. Internship opportunities

Hillels function as young adult community spaces outside of the US and Canada, and are a great way to connect with young adults. See if Hillel is in your city here.


Chabad Houses are located all over the world and can provide you with a (free) Shabbat dinner and other community resources. Find a center here.

Kosher Food

Many countries have their own kosher symbols that might not look familiar, so it’s always helpful to look up the local kosher list. The Yeah That’s Kosher app/website can help you find kosher restaurants in the area.

Challah for Hunger

Find a chapter at your abroad university and get your hands dirty making challah for a good cause!

Moishe House

Moishe House is a hub for young Jews that exists in a number of cities around the world. Check out the website to find one where you’ll traveling and to connect to homey social events there.

Find a Congregation/Service

Looking for a Jewish congregation somewhere in the world?

Find an Orthodox Congregation

Find a Conservative Congregation

Find a Reform Congregation

Find a Reconstructionist Congregation

Find a Secular Humanist Jewish Community