Shabbat and Service Times

Each week Penn Hillel supports different communities of students to gather and celebrate Shabbat in their own unique way. Some students participate in services, while others enjoy relaxing Shabbat dinners and conversations on and off campus.

Falk at Penn Hillel offers delicious Shabbat meals that are just as warm and welcoming as a family Shabbat dinner. Every Friday night is filled with song, prayer and friendship, as students come together to unplug and celebrate.

Reservations for Friday Shabbat must be placed using Penn Eats by Thursday at midnight. Orders for Shabbat lunch on Saturday also must be placed using Penn Eats by Thursday at midnight, and are only available for pickup during Friday Shabbat dinner. Shabbat dinner is $10 for undergraduates.

Host Your Own Shabbat and let Penn Hillel sponsor your meals. Contact us for more info!



For local times in University City, please visit the Orthodox Community at Penn’s calendar here.
For all other locations, you can find candlelighting times at

Steinhardt Hall

For questions about the use of Steinhardt Hall, check out our FAQ. Steinhardt Hall