Learning provides a diverse selection of Jewish educational opportunities for the entire Penn community in areas like Hebrew, Jewish holidays, Jewish culture and religion and other parts of Jewish life. Programs include classes, lectures, panels, chevruta-partner style learning and interactive learning experiences. Have an idea for a program that you would like to run? Is there a certain topic you’d like to learn about? All ideas and suggestions are welcome!

Alif Bet Fellowship

The Alif Bet Fellowship is a semester-long customized peer-to peer initiative, featuring deep learning in Arabic and Hebrew language and culture. This is your chance to move beyond the headlines, and engage with a passionate and inclusive community dedicated to bridge-building, through weekly gatherings and supplementary learning opportunities. Broaden your understanding with guest speakers and lecturers, as well as ongoing instruction at ... more >

Holocaust Education Committee

The Holocaust Education Committee is dedicated to commemorating the Holocaust and educating both the Jewish community and the greater Penn community about the the history of the Holocaust and the contemporary values and lessons that are learned from it. The committee invites speakers throughout the year to discuss the Holocaust from different perspectives. In addition, the committee runs creative ... more >

Sarah and Abraham Memorial Sunday Night Learning (SNL)

Sarah and Abraham Memorial Sunday Night Learning (SNL) says, "Come for the free pizza, stay to learn with a friend!" Don't have a learning partner? We'll match you up with someone who is interested in learning whatever interests you, at whatever level of comfort you want. It's a great opportunity for the whole community - people from all backgrounds ... more >

The Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus

The Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus was created as a resource for Jewish education through a fulfilling partnership between Hillel and the Orthodox Union. Rabbi Joshua and Sara Klein are available to the Jewish community as advisors and teachers to provide avenues to spiritual development, exploration and observance for Jewish students from all backgrounds. They provide formal and informal ... more >

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