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Israel Programs

Penn Hillel sees Israel engagement as a core part of its mission. The variety of initiatives listed on this page are a mix of independent student groups that operate on Penn’s campus as well as a number of high impact programs run by Penn Hillel. Through a diverse set of opportunities for advocacy, education, travel and cultural exchange, Hillel seeks to help students gain greater knowledge and deepen their connection to Israel.

Atidna International

A grassroots, campus-based peace and open dialogue initiative which seeks to solidify Arabs/Palestinians and Jews/Israelis as cousins, not enemies.

Habibi Fellowship

Penn Hillel’s UAE-Israel Habibi Fellowship for Wharton undergraduates is a one-of-a-kind program in the US. Founded in the wake of the historic 2020 Abraham Accords, the program seeks to explore certain foundational questions: Can visiting two countries that have recently made a warm peace with one another - one an Arab Muslim majority with a Jewish minority, one a ... more >

Hartman Fellowship & Edward Fein Winter Student Seminar in Jerusalem

The Edward Fein Winter Student Seminar is the premier program for students to engage with the challenges and opportunities facing Israel and the Jewish people through the lens of Jewish texts, values, and ideas. Our ideologically, religiously, and politically pluralistic community of Jewish students from college and university campuses across North America address these important questions with depth and nuance. ... more >

Hebrew Table

Shulhan Ivrit (Hebrew table) is a Hebrew discussion group for all students who speak Hebrew or understand enough to participate. The group meets weekly throughout the semester, and explores topics such as Israeli culture, Israeli and international news, Penn campus culture and social justice. It is the perfect place for you to practice or sharpen your language skills and ... more >

Onward Israel

Spend the summer in Israel with Penn Hillel on Onward Israel! Gain international work experience to set yourself apart as you move forward on your career path. This 8-week program offers you a chance to expand and deepen your professional skills, relationships with other students, and travel experience. You will spend your time on the program interning in Israel and ... more >

Penn Israel Public Affairs Committee (PIPAC)

The Penn Israel Public Affairs Committee (PIPAC) is an independent student group dedicated to supporting and strengthening the U.S.-Israel alliance through involvement in the American political process. PIPAC works on and off Penn's campus to bolster support for a Jewish, democratic state of Israel living in peace and security. PIPAC is committed to accomplishing our goals through educating Penn students and faculty, the community-at-large and current ... more >

Perspectives Fellowship

Perspectives Fellowship The Perspectives Fellowship is Penn Hillel’s leadership journey to Israel and the Palestinian Territories. The purpose of this program is to educate emerging and current Penn undergraduate student leaders about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, shining an intentional light on the complexities and nuances in an immersive and experiential way. This ... more >

Students Supporting Israel (SSI)

SSI is a grassroots, campus organization committed to promoting a better understanding of Israel as a member of the family of nations, with a fundamental right to exist as a Jewish democratic state. Our goals and activities include familiarizing students with current events in the Middle East, educating about Israeli culture on campus, and sharing Israel’s global initiatives through ... more >

TAMID Group at Penn

TAMID is an independent, student-led, non-profit organization that offers members unprecedented opportunities for professional development through hands-on interaction with the Israeli economy. Our members experience a comprehensive educational curriculum, followed by the opportunity to do pro-bono consulting for Israeli startups, capital market investment research and a summer internship program in Israel. The program spans our 60+ students’ entire time at Penn, instilling ... more >

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