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Jewish Life

Jewish Life at Penn is vibrant!

Each student is on an individual journey, and Penn Hillel is there getting to know every student by name and by story so that Hillel can connect them to new communities of friends, new approaches to Jewish wisdom and the next set of opportunities for personal and Jewish growth. With multiple religious communities, social and cultural celebrations for all holidays, Shabbat, and a state-of-the-art Kosher dining room, there really is something for everyone.

Nariya Music

Catch your breath and raise your voice as we create a circle of sound to welcome Shabbat. Featuring original music and a group of student vocalist, instrumentalists and prayer leaders, Nariya is a post-denominational immersive singing gathering focused on spirituality and powerful reflection.

Orthodox Community at Penn

The Orthodox Community at Penn (OCP) offers a plethora of programs and services for Orthodox Jewish students at Penn. OCP offers courses for students interested in studying Torah, Talmud, halakha (Jewish law), Jewish women’s issues and many more topics. OCP hosts a number of social events and celebrations for Jewish holidays. World-renowned scholars-in-residence join OCP each year, and the community makes an extraordinary ... more >

Penn Habibis

Penn Habibis is a group that embraces Sephardic Jews from all backgrounds. Habibis embodies the Sephardic Jewish community by meeting for weekly Friday night services, as well as for the holidays. In addition, Habibis offers a weekly Sephardic shiur (lesson) and organizes Sephardic heritage events. Habibis welcomes all students and community members to join our services and experience the joyous Sephardic culture. ... more >

Reform Jewish Community

The Reform Jewish Community (RJC) hopes to connect all liberal and secular Jews at the University of Pennsylvania. We host lots of fun, exciting social events as we aim to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for Jews of all backgrounds. Friday night Shabbat services are upbeat and musical, our educational initiatives are interesting and relevant and our commitment to social justice is ... more >

Shira Chadasha

The Shira Chadasha community strives to provide Penn’s Jewish student body with spiritual and meaningful prayer opportunities. Shira Chadasha offers a traditional service that promotes the maximum participation of females and males within a halachik (Jewish legal) framework. Meeting nearly every week, Shira Chadasha hosts lively Friday Night and Shabbat day services attended by a diverse group of students from all across the Penn Hillel community. Shira Chadasha ... more >

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